Frequently Asked Questions - General
Questions located under the "General" FAQ Section.

Establishments that serve liquor are licensed by the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB). For more information, please visit the LCLB website at or call 1-866 209-2111 within BC.

You may contact the BC Liquor Distribution Branch / BC Liquor Stores head office location at:

2625 Rupert Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5M 3T5

Phone: 604-252-3000

All media should contact the LDB's Communications department at 604-252-3118, or via email at

Products are not available for ordering online. You may purchase products featured on this site at BC Liquor Stores and agency stores. Product selection and availability vary from store to store. To search for a product and the BC Liquor Stores locations that carry the product, please use our product search and inventory locator.

Please search the online product catalogue. Or if you wish, you may visit our stores where staff are available to help you look for a product. If the product is not available in your local liquor store but is available in other BC Liquor Stores, you may request it to be brought in to your store. Inter-store transfers are made at the discretion of the store manager.

Generally, products distributed through BC Liquor Stores are selected and listed based on a number of criteria. Products not listed or carried by BC Liquor Stores may be purchased via our Special Orders program. Read more about Special Orders service.

Please use our the search options of our online product catalogue. The product detail page for any product will include a tab "Where to Buy It" that includes inventory availability by region. Clicking on a region and then on a location within the region will provide you with inventory information by store for that product. Please note that, as the data is updated once daily, we recommend you call the liquor store in advance to verify availability.

You can return any product purchased at BC Liquor Stores to any BC Liquor Store for a full refund, provided:

  • the product is unopened;
  • in saleable condition and;
  • an official BC Liquor Stores receipt for the product(s) is presented.

For more details on product refunds and exchanges, please see our Product Return Policy (click here).

The Careers page on this Web site provides some information about how to apply and where to look for jobs available at BC Liquor Stores and the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB). If you have read the Careers page and still have other questions, please contact our head office at 604-252-3000 or contact the Human Resources Department at the LDB, 2625 Rupert Street, Vancouver, B.C., V5M 3T5.

Please contact our Procurement and Contract Management Department for further information. Mail to Procurement and Contract Management Department, Liquor Distribution Branch, 2625 Rupert Street, Vancouver, B.C., V5M 3T5 or phone 604-252-3000.

For more information about distributing products as an agent/supplier in BC, please see our Agents and Suppliers page on our corporate website.

Suppliers outside of Canada are required to have a contractual agreement with a local representative (agent) who represents them on all matters related to importing and distributing their product in the province. Any prospective supplier and agent may obtain a package of information that provides details on rules, regulations, procedures and policies pertaining to the acquisition of products for sale in British Columbia and BC Liquor Stores.

To request an information package be mailed to you, please send an e-mail with your mailing address to or complete the contact us feedback form.