Recycling Beverage Alcohol Containers


"Bring 'em Back Clean!"

BC Liquor Stores promotes environmental awareness through its container recycling program. Customers may bring back their empty beverage alcohol containers to BC Liquor Stores* or return unlimited amounts to Return-It® bottle depots around the province.

To ensure that returned beverage alcohol containers can be recycled in a clean, efficient and safe manner, please make sure that the appropriate steps are taken before returning your containers to BC Liquor Stores. Make sure that:

Containers are visibly clean and free of any liquids;
ALL labels are intact; and ALL caps are removed.

Please note that containers not received in the above condition cannot be accepted and a deposit refund will not be issued.

Where to return empty beverage alcohol containers for deposit refund

You can return all empty beverage alcohol containers to any of the authorized Return-It® Centres for a deposit refund.

Encorp handles the collection and recycling of empty wine, spirits, imported beer and cooler containers sold in the province. Currently, refillable domestic beer and cider bottles, and beer in aluminum cans, are NOT part of the Return-It® system. That means that while they are accepted at Depots and Return-It® Centres, deposit refund levels may vary.

Click here to find a Return-It Centre near you.

Click here for a complete list of beverage alcohol containers accepted at Return-It Centres.

Deposit Amounts

Container Size Deposit
Up To And Including 1 Litre 10¢
Larger Than 1 Litre 20¢

*BC Liquor Stores will accept and offer a full deposit refund on all clean and empty beverage alcohol containers sold in the province. Due to space limitations, BC Liquor Stores may accept only a limited number of empty beverage alcohol containers. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.