Special Orders

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch’s (LDB’s) Special Orders department is pleased to consider customer requests to order products that are not currently available in British Columbia.

Customers who are considering submitting a request for this premium service should be aware that:

  • This service is exclusively available to British Columbia residents, as the product must be purchased and picked up from a BC Liquor Store.
  • This service is for beverage alcohol products only. De-alcoholized products cannot be ordered.
  • Typically, the final cost for special order products is significantly higher than the retail price in the country of origin after exchange rates, mark up, freight, taxes and duty are applied.
  • Once an order is placed, the import process may take up to six months depending on the product's point of origin.
  • There are minimum order requirements associated with all special orders:
Supplier Location
Product Category
2 case minimum
2 case minimum
2 case minimum
1 case minimum
2 case minimum
2 case minimum
10 case minimum
1 pallet minimum*
Not available for SO
Shipping Cost
$80 minimum
$200 minimum
$400 minimum

*pallet = 80 cases (24 cans/ bottles per case)

In order to submit a special order request, customers should provide us with as many details as possible by using this electronic form. If there is a local agent who represents the product requested, we will refer the customer to the agent directly. Otherwise, we will source the product and provide the customer with cost and delivery information.

Products requested through a special order request are subject to the same LDB product guidelines and social responsibility policies as products registered for sale in B.C. 

Please note that, in cases where a product is not available in BC Liquor Stores or via special order, our knowledgeable BC Liquor Store teams are happy to provide customers with excellent, comparable product recommendations from within the local store’s inventory that will suit their taste and budget. Customers can visit http://www.bcliquorstores.com/store/locator to find a store near them. 

Step 1

Download the form (PDF format) below, obtain the form from any BC Liquor Store, request by email to specialorderdesk@bcldb.com or contact the Special Orders desk at 604-252-3209.

PDFDownload Special Orders Form

Step 2

Complete the form with as much information as possible. The more information you have (about the product), the quicker it can be processed.

Step 3

Email the completed form to specialorderdesk@bcldb.com. If you are using the “save and send” feature in Adobe, please save the completed form before emailing the special orders desk. If the form is not saved first, the information entered will be lost.

Step 4

The LDB will contact the supplier to request pricing and minimum order quantities. If there is a local agent who represents the product requested, we will refer the customer to the agent directly. If the product is available, all applicable costs (e.g. freight charges, duties, taxes, markups) will be calculated. An estimated retail price per bottle and case will be determined. This quoted price is subject to change based on final confirmation by the Supplier.

Step 5

We will contact you with the estimated retail price for your review and approval to proceed with the order. You will have two weeks to confirm the order by email to specialorderdesk@bcldb.com

Step 6

Upon receiving your confirmation, LDB will place your order with the supplier.

Step 7

When your product arrives, we will arrange delivery of the product to the BCLS location you requested on the order form. The BCLS will contact you directly when the product is available for pick up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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