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Eat, Drink and Be Merry! Holiday food and drink recipes.
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Forty Creek Creamforty creek cream

Forty Creek Cream is crafted with fresh dairy cream, then blended with fine spirits and Forty Creek Whisky.Rich flavours of vanilla, chocolate and caramel with a slight whisky essence make this a wonderful after dinner choice. Serve over ice or in your favourite coffee.

Find out where to buy Forty Creek Cream here.

Molinari Sambuca extraMolinari Sambuca extra

In 1945, soon after the end of World War II, Commendatore Angelo Molinari started production of anise-flavoured Sambuca extra. The closely guarded formula combines star anise with wheat alcohol, sugar and other natural ingredients with delicious results.

Find out where to buy Molinari Sambuca extra here.

Canadian Club MapleCanadian club maple

A lovely golden maple-syrup colour in the glass, the nose reveals notes of Canadian maple syrup with background hints of oak and spice from the whisky base. Sweet maple and butterscotch flavours intermingle with cinnamon, vanilla and rye spice.

Find out where to buy Canadian Club Maple here.


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