• pinot grigio - graffigna centenario

    This fresh, crisp wine has a light yellow colour and delicate greenish hues. Its subtle floral aromas include notes of jasmine and hints of white fruits such as peaches and apricot. Enjoy as an aperitif ... read more
    • 750 mL
    • Argentina
    • 915918
    Food Recipe Pairing
    Available in 193 Stores
    3.7/5 from 49 votes
  • pinot grigio - santa julia

    Ripe fruit aromas of pears, apple, and melon mix with notes of pineapple and banana. Greasy, with a good balance and a nice acidity. The finish is long and fresh.
    • 750 mL
    • Argentina
    • 239301
    Available in 147 Stores
    4.4/5 from 92 votes
  • Exclusive

    pinot grigio - vina riojanas la chaya

    La Chaya refers to a local carnival that takes place in the Argentina region of La Rioja. Pinot Grigio is the grape for this white wine that has apple and citrus hints along with some spicy notes. Very ... read more
    • 750 mL
    • Argentina
    • 5047
    Available in 130 Stores
    2.9/5 from 22 votes
  • pinot gris - bodega piedra negra organic

    Slightly golden yellow in colour, this medium-bodied white from the Uco Valley has an expressive nose with notes of fresh yellow fruit, melon, lemon and jasmine flowers. The pear flavours are balanced by ... read more
    • 750 mL
    • Argentina
    • 556746
    Food Recipe Pairing
    Available in 98 Stores
    4.3/5 from 158 votes