Savvy Sippers – May 2017
Find your new favorite affordable wine
Find your new favorite affordable wine this spring when you choose something from our Savvy Sippers selection. These carefully selected wines are delicious and $20 or less. We have something for all tastes, so try them all!
  • Exclusive

    pays d'oc rose - rose de l'ostal cazes 2016

    A very pale, bright, slightly purple colour. Elegant and delicate on the bouquet, combining aromas of grenadine with delicate rose petal notes. On the palate the wine is rich and fresh in the ... read more
    • 750 mL
    • France
    • 71191
    Food Recipe Pairing
    Available in 152 Stores
    3.9/5 from 93 votes
  • pinot gris - kim crawford marlborough 2016

    Delicious ripe quince and pears combined with a hint of peaches and cream from the malolactic influence. It features an intense aroma of ripe pear, melon and apples with appealing floral notes. This ... read more
    • 750 mL
    • New Zealand
    • 150144
    Limited Time Offer
    (until Jun 03)
    Food Recipe Pairing
    Available in 175 Stores
    2.9/5 from 117 votes
  • cabernet sauvignon - louis martini sonoma county 2014

    The Cabernet Sauvignon brings together the unique characteristics of each vineyard for a superbly balanced wine. Fresh red plum and blackberry jam aromas and flavours are supported by caramelized and ... read more
    • 750 mL
    • United States
    • 651679
    Food Recipe Pairing
    Available in 135 Stores
    3.8/5 from 90 votes
  • blasted church - hatfield's fuse 2016

    Top class branding at Blasted Church and a tasty white blend have propelled this winery to being a market leader. Twelve varietals contribute to the blend offering a lot of exotic hints with citrus, pear ... read more
    • 750 mL
    • Canada
    • 734475
    Limited Time Offer
    (until Jun 03)
    Food Recipe Pairing
    Available in 182 Stores
    4/5 from 100 votes