Social Responsibility


BC Liquor Stores is a responsible retailer of beverage alcohol and we take our responsibility seriously—it's an integral part of providing a high level of customer service, education and customer experience. Ultimately, our responsibility is to promote the responsible use of beverage alcohol, to help reduce our impact on the environment and to give back to the communities we serve.


Responsible use means moderate consumption, enforcing legal age of drinking, promoting zero tolerance (for drinking and driving or performing sports activites and during pregnancy). Initiatives in stores and online include a monthly awareness campaign of different responsible use topics, providing food pairings where possible with the products we sell and providing tips to hosts and event planners. Responsible use is important to us and is an integral part of our business.
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Don't Buy For Minors

In case you missed it, the legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19. So, our focus for May is to remind customers to keep kids safe and let them be kids.

Signage in stores convey the message "It's Black & White; Don't Buy For Minors." The intention is to remind customers of the potential risks and danger to minors.

At BC Liquor Stores, our responsibility is to ensure that alcohol is kept out of the hands of minors. Store staff receive specific training to ensure that we do not sell alcohol to minors, and we discourage customers from making alcohol available to minors by educating them about the potential negative impacts.

Please remember - don't buy for minors.

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Celebrate Life. Enjoy Responsibly. 


Reducing our impact on the environment

Everyone has an important role to play in a healthy environment – especially as a retailer. That's why BC Liquor Stores is committed to further reducing its environmental footprint by building on existing programs and introducing new innovative plans. From bags to recycling, we're doing our part to reduce the impact. 
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Our commitment to the community

BC Liquor Stores and our employees believe in giving back to the communities we serve through the participation in a variety of programs that benefit those communities. Each year, BC Liquor Stores employees actively participate in the Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF) as well as supporting annual charitable fundraising activities. BC Liquor Stores is proud to help our communities through our Support Dry Grad initiative in spring and the Share-a-Bear program during the winter holiday season. Additionally, BC Liquor Stores supports disaster relief via Red Cross and helps raise funds for emergency disaster relief. 

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